Fat Rank Features

  • Enter a Keyword/Phrase & Check the Ranking Position
  • Checks to a Ranking Depth of 100
  • Ability to Check Rankings in Multiple Countries
  • Contextual Rank Checking Feature
  • Displays Ranking Position and the URL of the Page that Ranks

Download FAT RANK from the Chrome Store


What’s New

Version 0.170 – Thank you to everyone who has provided us feedback on our Fat Rank Chrome Extension over the past few months. Based on the feedback, we are delighted to announce a brand new feature in this latest version. You are now able to check the keyword ranking position in multiple countries




Fat Rank is a nifty keyword checking Chrome Extension used by SEO’s around the world. This is a simple light weight tool designed to do one thing very very well: Check the Google ranking position of the website you’re on for the keyword or phrase you type. It is very practical and usable competitor research, prospecting and just being plain nosy!

When you click on the extension icon you can type a keyword or key phrase and the extension will return the current Google ranking position for that domain and also provide you with the url of the page that ranks for the particular keyword. You can check a website’s ranking position in almost every country.

The tool will search down to a ranking depth of 100 and if the domain doesn’t rank for a keyword within the top 100 positions it will simply display ‘Not found’.

There is a contextual keyword checking option too! You can highlight a keyword or phrase on the web page, right click and click ‘check ranking with fat rank’ and it will check the Google ranking of that particular highlighted word or phrase. It will search in the Google country you last selected.


Although our extension requests access to your tabs and data, we do not store or save any of this. It is simply required to make access to Google hosts to check keyword rankings.

Access your tabs and browsing activity” – Our extension uses “tabs” permission in the Google Chrome developer manifest http://developer.chrome.com/extensions/tabs.html. The extension uses this for opening links in new tabs and windows and does so because by default as links will not work if they aren’t specifically handled.

Access your data on all websites“. Our extension makes Cross-Origin XMLHttpReqeusts (requests to Google search solely) http://developer.chrome.com/extensions/xhr.html.

So in essence the reason why our extension requires access to tabs and data is purely for making requests to Google hosts and opening links in new tabs and windows.

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